Services → Publishing services

  • Custom book publishing: corporate materials, books that have been published previously, books that have never been published, anniversary editions etc.;
  • performing several tasks of the editing and publishing cycle: writing, translation, science editing, literary editing, proofing, design, layout and printing;
  • design and printing of postcards and calendars;
  • estimating the possibility of and organizing the sale of the publication through booksellers, publishers etc.;
  • organizing direct sales.

CUSTOMIZED PUBLICATION is a special type of product that to the maximum takes into consideration the client's goals and requests.

Customized publications usually serve the following purposes:

  • promotional marketing of a company or its product;
  • supporting the company's brand and positive image;
  • educating the staff;
  • maintaining internal PR.

We offer to publish several types of customized publications:

  1. Corporate materials.  They may include scientific research, reports, almanacs, collections of articles etc.  Such a publication may be intended for internal or broad audiences.
  2. ANNIVERSARY EDITION is a special type of corporate publication.  It may unite and summarize a company's experience.  The specific nature of such project lies in mutual scrupulous work on the text, careful selection of illustrations, working on exclusive typography.  This kind of book would make a perfect gift to employees, clients, partners and investors.

  3. Previously published books with the use of new typography.  In this case the book has already proven to be a valuable product.  This is an excellent way to make your clients and partners a gift.  By fashioning it in a corporate style you will have an opportunity to give someone an interesting and memorable gift.  You may circulate a special edition of  a  book within the company if your goal is to educate your staff.     
  4. New books that have not been previously published elsewhere.  A large number of books is being published in the world these days; among them there are those that have not yet been translated into Russian.  Publishing such a book would be a great opportunity to make a statement and publish under your name a brand-new product that satisfies your interests.

Part of a customized edition may be exclusively stylized.  The use of leather or silk, foil stamping of book covers, use of tinted paper for printing, and handwork make a book an exclusive gift edition.

We will prepare and publish any book that satisfies your goals, on our own, or in partnership with a publishing house.  The printed edition will be the property of a customer.  In some cases it is possible to forward part of the printed edition to retail stores and for direct sales.

For holidays and special occasions we can design and print CALENDARS AND POSTCARDS.

We are happy to offer you SEPARATE SERVICES of the editing and publishing cycle:

  • writing;
  • translation;
  • editing;
  • proofreading;
  • layout;
  • design;
  • printing.
  • selecting books prepared for publication by publishers of business literature for placement of the company's ads;
  • looking for opportunities for ad placement in books that have already been published but have not yet come out in Russian;
  • establishing the status of copyright and possibilities for ad placement;
  • legal support: compiling agreements with publishers (on ad placement, sale and purchase etc.);
  • agreeing on a unified styling of a book in case a series will be published;
  • monitoring the dates of book publishing by different publishers;
  • coordinating the placement of the mock-up of advertising materials in a book, ironing out the details with the publisher;
  • upon your request we are prepared to make a mock-up design of your company's advertising page.