Services → Literary agency

  • Selling book publishing rights in Russia and abroad; literary agent services;
  • Consults on book publishing;
  • Intellectual property protection (copyright), legal aid, consult by the in-house lawyer, fighting against pirates (antipiracy);
  • Help in choosing a publishing house (Russian/foreign) for the book, assistance of a literary agent;
  • Finding publishable authors in Russia and abroad.

One of Libright's three areas of expertise is our work as literary agents.  In this capacity we provide services to authors, publishers and companies, which are related to selling copyright and licenses in Russia and abroad.  As an agent we are responsible for representing our clients' interests by providing quality services and legal protection of their intellectual property rights.

To the authors we offer consulting services related to book publishing in Russian and other languages, legals support, help in choosing Russian and foreign publishers, represent clients' interests at publishing houses, negotiate with publishers and actively participate in closing deals on selling copyright.

Companies interested in purchasing a license for a book by Russian of foreign writer for personal reasons may also turn to us and we will assist you in buying it.  Our law firm is at your disposal!  We are also ready to help you fight against pirates (antipiracy).

We are also well equipped to help Russian publishers in purchasing copyright and finding writers.

Libright cooperates with foreign publishers by offering them to help find Russian authors for publication abroad by becoming their agent.

This is how we expand the boundaries of communication between authors and publishers.  We hope our work will be of use to you!