Services → For publishers

  • Finding advertisers/sponsors for publishers' books.
  • Finding and contracting authors.
  • Legal consults on copyright and contract laws; legal support.
  • Performing separate services of the editing and publishing cycle: translation, science editing, literary editing, proofreading, design and layout.
  • Creating and implementing promotion programs for publications.
  • Direct sales of publications

The current situation in publishing and book selling business pushes business publishers to carefully weigh all the risks and more critically assess any new projects.  It is obvious that in this environment finding an external investor, advertiser or sponsor becomes a crucial factor in making a decision on whether to publish the book.  Sponsor search is a very delicate work and asks for qualified and competent specialists.  The efforts, however, pay off.  In addition to increasing the effectiveness of a given project, there can be other advantages.  Firstly, your advertisers or sponsors may turn into regular clients, secondly, they may assist you in promoting and selling the books released under their brand, thirdly, the prestige of the publisher that released such a book  would a priori be supported by partners' brands etc.