Services → For companies

  • Selecting books for ad placement; agent support.
  • Selecting series of books (public corporate library) for publication under the company's brand; agent support.
  • Customized book publishing: corporate materials, special editions of previously published books, anniversary editions etc.; estimating the possibility and organization of publication sales through booksellers, publishers etc.
  • Ad placement in books of foreign publishers, agent support.
  • Purchasing the rights for the publication.
  • Creating and implementing a promotion plan for the publication.
  • Performing separate services of the editorial and publishing cycle: translation, science editing, literary editing, proofreading, design, layout, print.
  • Direct sales.
  • Selecting books for the corporate business library.
  • Ad placement in magazines.
  • Sponsoring business conferences.

AD PLACEMENT IN BOOKS is an unorthodox way of promoting a company's brand.  A book is an intellectual ad carrier.  A well-chosen topic for publication together with addressing the right reader guarantees that the message in your ad will get to your potential audience.  Besides, the shelf life of an ad placed in a book is quite long: the ad works during distribution, after the book is bought and read, besides you can also give it to your colleagues or friends prolonging the duration of such an ad campaign. A carefully selected book would connect the writer's name and the company's brand in the minds of the readers.

Books for ad placement can be divided into several groups:

  1. Books planned for publication by business literature publishers.  We will select specifically for your company books on a given topic that are being prepared for release.
  2. Previously published books.  If you would like to publish a book(s) that has already been published in Russia under your brand, we would clarify the status of copyright on this book(s) and the possibility of ad placement, we would select a publisher that is best for issuing a new edition of the book(s) and negotiate on your behalf.
  3. Books that have not been previously published in Russia.  Almost every foreign book can be published in Russian.  We are prepared to clarify the status of copyright and a possibility of ad placement, find a publisher that best suits your project and negotiate on your behalf.

A basic ad package includes:

  • the company's logo on the front cover of the publication;
  • the company's logo on the title page;
  • inscription “Published under the auspices of...” on the back of the title page;
  • a foreword written by the company's representative;
  • an ad page at the end of the book.


CUSTOMIZED BOOKS are a special kind of publications. In this case we are ready to prepare and publish any book that satisfies your company's goals on our own or in partnership with a publisher.  The design of customized publications usually takes into account the company's corporate style.  If the client expresses a wish to see an exclusive edition, we can do so by using leather, silk, foil stamping of book covers, using tinted paper for printing the text.  The printed edition belongs to the buyer.  In separate cases part of this edition may be forwarded to retail chains and for direct sales.

As customized publications we offer to:

  • Publish your own materials: annual and research reports, articles, know-how etc.
  • Republish a previously published book.  Often companies order special book editions to train their staff or as a gift for their clients and partners.
  • Prepare and print anniversary editions of the publication and develop the concept behind it, tell the company's story (written from the client's materials), create the design for the book, prepare illustrations etc. (up to the delivery of the edition  from the print shop to the company's office).
  • Publish a book  that is not directly related to the company's field of work.

A customized book may become a present at different events or a gift to clients, partners, investors and the company's staff.

We also perform SEPARATE SERVICES OF THE EDITING AND PUBLISHING PROCESS: writing, translation, literary editing, proofreading, layout, cover and page design and printing at a print shop.

COMPANY BUSINESS LIBRARY.  Staff training is one of the most important tasks that stands before company executives and HR departments.  A company business library may become a powerful instrument that may not only enhance the training of your personnel but also help accumulate, store and pass the technical standards of your company's work as well as strengthen corporate culture and internal PR within your company.

Your library's stacks may shelve books on the main, immediate, field of your company's work together with literature on other areas, depending on your goals.  The main sections usually include literature on the company's area of expertise, management literature, self-improvement and reference books. For your library we are happy to select books of the best business publishers that are in line with your company's area of expertise.

As part of promoting the customized publication, or separately from it, we offer companies to PLACE ADS IN MAGAZINES and SPONSOR BUSINESS CONFERENCES.