Services → For authors

  • Consults on book publishing.
  • Intellectual property rights protection (copyright), legal support, consults by the counsel, fighting against piracy (anti-piracy).
  • Selection of publisher (Russian of foreign) for book publishing, agent support.
  • Selling publishing rights abroad; agent support.
  • Sponsor selection for the book.
  • Performing separate tasks of the editing and publishing cycle: translation, science editing, literary editing, layout, design and print.
  • Creating and carrying out promotion program for the publication.
  • Estimating possibilities for and organizing publication sales through booksellers, publishers etc.;

For your book to be successful you must think over several important issues:

  • determine the target audience;
  • answer the question why the research topic is unique, why the reader must buy your book;
  • think of who among book writers may be considered your competition, what your advantages and disadvantages are;
  • understand at what price and circulation your book will be sold;
  • consider intellectual property rights protection (copyright) including ways to avoid unauthorized use of copyright by pirates (anti-piracy) and take care of legals support while transferring   your book publishing license;
  • find publishers that would not only take care of publishing and printing of the book but also implement a promotion program and ad campaign for your book.

The situation in book selling and publishing business at the moment is such that additional financial aid for book release plays a great, often crucial role.  Finding a sponsor who would be responsible for part of the expenses related to publishing is a painstaking job but it is worth your while.  In turn, sponsors gain an opportunity to place their advertising materials in the book.

Libright publishing solutions agency is prepared to assist authors in accomplishing these and other goals.