Services → Advertisements in books

  • selecting books prepared for publication by publishers of business literature for placement of the company's ads;
  • looking for opportunities for ad placement in books that have already been published but have not yet come out in Russian;
  • establishing the status of copyright and possibilities for ad placement;
  • legal support: compiling agreements with publishers (on ad placement, sale and purchase etc.);
  • agreeing on a unified styling of a book in case a series will be published;
  • monitoring the dates of book publishing by different publishers;
  • coordinating the placement of the mock-up of advertising materials in a book, ironing out the details with the publisher;
  • upon your request we are prepared to make a mock-up design of your company's advertising page.

 Libright offers a unique service of ad placement in books:

We are prepared to select books for ad placement on any topic of your interest with any major publisher of business literature!  The following publishers are among our business partners: Alpina Business Books, Mann, Ivanov and Ferber; Exmo, Omega-L; Piter Publishing House etc.

Ad placement in books is an effective way of promoting the company's image.  This thesis is confirmed by the fact that more and more often we come across business literature with companies' logos on the cover or with ad packages inside.

There are several key advantages to placing advertisements in books:

  • An opportunity to select a book on a specific topic, ensure access to the right target audience and a high interest of a potential consumer in the information contained in your company's ad;
  • long-lasting promotion: it starts with the publisher's ad campaign dedicated to the book release, a bookstore shelf follows and ends with the buyer of the book (it is important to remember that several people usually read one book).
  • a book allows for placement of a large volume of advertising: a logo, an introduction, advertising page etc.;
  • a book is an intellectual product.  Placing advertisement in a book without a doubt positively affects brand positioning on the market.

 For the purposes of ad placement books can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Books scheduled for publication by publishers of business literature.  Specifically for your company we will select books on a specific topic that are being prepared for release. 
  2. Previously published books.  If you would like to publish a book (books) that has already been published in Russia under your brand, we will find out for you the status of copyrights on that book, possibilities for placing ads and choose a publisher that would be best for publishing your book, an negotiate on your behalf.
  3. Books never published in Russia.  Almost any foreign book can be published in Russian.  We are prepared to find out the status of copyright on this book, possibilities for placing ads, find a publisher that would best fit for your project and negotiate on your behalf.

 Basic advertisement package includes:

  • the company's logo on the cover of the publication;
  • logo on the publication's title page;
  • inscription on the back of the title page that says, “Published under the auspices of...”;
  • a foreword written by a representative of a company;
  • ad page at the end of the book.

Additionally, you may choose to have the following features appear in the book:

  • company's logo on the spine of the book;
  • ad space containing information about the company on the back of the cover;
  • a colorful insert ad with the information about the company;
  • foretitle (colorful inset) with acknowledgements from the publisher  to the company for the support of the book release;
  • a bookmark with the company's logo;
  • a sticker on the front cover with the company's logo (this becomes really important if the books has already been published) etc.